5 Reasons to make your business more accessible (and more profitable)

1 ♦ Expands reach, improves corporate perception, customer satisfaction & consumer loyalty

2 ♦ Canadians with disabilities spend $25 billion / year and consumers seeking accessible environments,  products & services have $2 trillion dollars to spend

3 ♦ Impact of AODA implementation on the retail sector over the next 5 years from $3.8 – 9.6 billion in increased spending

4 ♦ Accessible societies are more innovative, productive, competitive, prosperous and healthy

5 ♦ It’s the law. Compliant businesses avoid fines for non-compliance up to $100 thousand /day

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Accessibility. That’s how we roll.

Some facts from: The Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) & Adaptive Technology Rescource Centre (ARTC) at OCAD University & The Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity (ICP), June 14, 2010, “Releasing Constraints: Projecting the Economic Impacts of Improved Accessibility in Ontario”. Retrieved April, 2012.