Open Letter to Healthcare Professionals

10 Things to Remember about Patients

1 We really don’t want to be here.

2 We didn’t fill out the requisition, report or record. If the doctor filled it out, we probably can’t read it either. If it isn’t to your liking, we aren’t responsible. We do not want to upset or annoy you, or make your job harder. You wield surgical instruments.

3 We are most likely partially clothed. Have a little compassion, we are vulnerable and our private parts are poking out.

4 Most of what you do would get you arrested anywhere else. Or at least cost you a dinner first.

5 We probably have either had nothing to eat or drink for days, or are loaded to the brim for your tests.

6 You know the terrifying alien-probe scene in horror movies, you are the terrifying alien

7 We can hear you talking about us.

8 We have probably waited hours, days, weeks and even months for this visit.

9 We really don’t want to be here.

10 We know you work hard. We know you save and change lives. We know the system is under-funded, under-staffed, under-supported, and under-appreciated. We know you are too. We also want an efficient, effective healthcare system. We are all on the same side, we just have our backsides exposed as well.

First post in our new blog series: The View from the Guerny