An accessible educational curriculum that includes accessibility

Our Session @ The Accessibility Conference – Solutions for Inclusion, University of Guelph, May 28 & 29, 2013

Session Date: Wednesday, May 29, 201

Description: Making teaching accessible is as important as teaching accessibility. Re-framing the narrative beyond making the curriculum accessible, we explore the importance of including accessibility in the curriculum, analyzing opportunities and experiences of the Japanese and UK models that strategically implemented accessibility in a broad range of curriculum, thus creating a future generation of accessibility minded individuals. An accessible Ontario by 2025 includes educational curriculum that incorporate accessibility across all disciplines.

Objectives: Education has an important role to play in fostering the kind of change that will result in the immediate and long-term success of the A.O.D.A. An accessible society begins with strategic implementation of accessibility into curriculum across all disciplines to create a future generation of accessibility minded individuals creating accessible products, services and spaces. We will explore the opportunities and experiences of models that have strategically implemented accessibility and discuss items for inclusion.
The session will:

  • Analyze the opportunities and experiences of other educational models of accessibility curriculum implementation
  • Outline benefits and possibilities presented by the inclusion of accessibility awareness training;
  • Review current Canadian accessibility curriculum such as those being delivered through dedicated disability, healthcare, technological and design programs;
  • Discuss practical solutions for integrating accessibility into the curriculum and explore what a strategically addressed accessible curriculum might look like including who, what, when, where, and how.

Speaker Bio(s): With over a decade spent as a disabled consumer, patient, employee, accessibility advocate, business owner and consultant, first-hand experience with barriers to access and frustration with inaccessibility led Donna to found accessibility firm Roll a Mile and provides her a unique ability to advise on adaptation, accommodation and accessibility from a unique perspective. Or, in the words of her brother, “turns out the soapbox just needed a ramp”.

With a twenty year background as business and marketing advisor, both through her own company and the local Small Business Enterprise Centre, Donna has extensive and proven experience in the wholesale, retail, non-profit, financial, loyalty, online, service, manufacturing, tourism, economic development and public sectors. With a proven track record of developing strategic business and marketing strategy for any business model in any market segment, Donna works assisting businesses, organizations, and institutions implement and improve accessibility and dedicates herself to awareness and advocacy.

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