5 Steps to Accessibility

Step 1: Initial Consultation

· Obtain an understanding of accessibility obligations and identify requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AO.D.A.)

Step 2: A.O.D.A. Audit

· Identifies compliance requirements and existing barriers to access and help ensure compliance with regulations and obligations under the A.O.D.A.

Step 3: Compliance Program

· Establishes and implements Customer Service Policies and Procedures related to Assistive Devices, Service Animals, Support Persons, Communications, Temporary Service Disruption Notification, and Customer Service Feedback

· Provision of documents in accessible formats as required

· Creation and submission of Accessibility Plans and Reports

· Accessibility Compliance Manual

Step 4: Staff Training

· Staff training tailored to your business model in accordance with the staff training requirements set out in the A.O.D.A.

· Learn about the A.O.D.A. and accessibility and gain a better understanding of barriers to access facing persons with disabilities

· Learn to identify, adapt and accommodate persons with a variety of disabilities

· Learn tips for implementing accessible customer service policies & other compliance items

· Staff with accessibility awareness improves corporate perception, customer satisfaction, and consumer loyalty and is a significant factor in ensuring your business is accessible

Step 5: ACCESS Audit

· With the Built Environment Standard currently in the proposal phase, the physical structure of a building will soon be addressed under the A.O.D.A. ACCESS Audits identify and evaluate the accessibility of a building or environment to determine how needs of persons with disabilities are met and provide a detailed report describing every non-compliance, barrier or inconvenience along with an outline of adaptations, both required and suggested.

· With the A.O.D.A.’s aim of an accessible Ontario by 2025, businesses need to plan for accessibility implementation. Our ACCES Audits provide an analysis of the impact of accommodation on business including complete implementation costings.

· Our Design-Build services provide complete project management including all architectural, engineering and multi-trade services required for implementation of all accessibility projects.

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