Disabilities Act

My eleven year old step-daughter had to do her current events assignment on a recent item in the newspaper about human rights. So humbled she chose mine. This is what she wrote:

Disabilities Act

My current events article is about the new Disability Act that has new laws that all businesses have to follow by January 1, 2012. These laws are to help make it easier for people with disabilities to access goods and services. There are a lot of reasons why it is good for businesses to do this, not just because it is the law.

The new laws don’t really cost the businesses any money, they just have to make new rules about customer service and teach their employees these rules. This helps make sure everyone who works for them understands what accessibility is, why it is important, and how to help people with disabilities. The new laws also mean businesses have to have rules about letting in service animals, and assistive devices like wheelchairs or scooters.

The connection to the Focus on Faith theme, human rights and responsibilities is that all people deserve equal opportunities and access to goods and services and that they can do this while being independent and keeping their dignity. This means that people with disabilities don’t have to ask for help or rely on someone else for help. Ways businesses can do this are to teach their employees to understand sign-language, or to use a pen and paper to talk to people who are deaf. It could mean having a Braille or large print menus for someone who is blind or has trouble seeing.

The new laws make a lot of sense. They help people with disabilities to get goods and services. The new laws were made to help make sure people with disabilities have dignity and independence. They also help businesses to make more money. If more customers can buy their products, the business will make more money. And if their customers have good experiences with employees and accessibility, they will come back again, and spend more money. The new laws in the Disability Act will help people with disabilities and businesses.

Piper J., 11 yrs.