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As the owner of Roll a Mile, an accessibility consulting and compliance firm dedicated to promoting an awareness of issues and the advancement of accessibility, I hope to blog about issues related to disabilities and all things accessible.

Opinions are my own, but should be everybody’s ;)

Accessibility – One Revolution at a Time




Suite 104

PETITION to remove all ramps from highways in Ontario and replace with stairs


‘Running’ a Business in an Inaccessible Environment

Nothing to Wear – Accessorizing Accessibly

Experiential Teaching

U of Guelph Session “An Accessibility Curriculum”

IgniteGuelph1 2 “Rolling a Mile”


An accessible educational curriculum that includes accessibility

Open Letter to Healthcare Professionals

First, they came for the strollers and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t use a stroller….

Accessible Terminology

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Counting Backwards

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Accessibility and the Education Curriculum

Allergy Cards

PETITION to Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Open Letter to The Honourable John Milloy, Minister of Community & Social Services regarding the AODA

Undercover language watchdogs…

Seeing past the shell and through to the soul

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Media Release – May 17, 2012

Resolution 2012

Disabilities Act

Why Legislating Bullying Won’t Work

Letter to the Editor

Dear Legs

In our house, lazy is a four-letter word

Accessibility isn’t about having a ramp, and having a ramp doesn’t make your business accessible!

Business Accessibility – It’s Not About Having a Ramp

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